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  About Us
Our Company AKSEM Makina, Maden, Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.;meaning AKSEM Machinery, Mining and Engineering Ltd.- was established in 1984 and is located in Gebze, 30 kms. East of Istanbul, in an Industrial area. Our Company is stated in a factory which has about 3,000 sqm. closed facilities, workshops and offices, in a total 6,000 sqm. of open area.
Our Company is based on an Engineering field, but also manufactures and markets different types of products in his area of proficiency.
Our experience in Design and Engineering solutions for Industry is very well known through our customers country-wide.
We also have multiple contacts and customers in Northern and Southern countries like Russia, Lithuania, Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan, which we already exported our products.
Our Company has a range of different products and distributions for both Industrial and Civil Engineering. Our main products are;
- Axial Fans for Metro and Tunnel Ventilation
Axial Fans for supplying fresh air into the Tunnels in cases of fire or in normal ventilation. Up to 1.5 Million m3/h, and very high temperatures ratings – up to 700 C – fire tested special fans.

- Radial Fans for Industrial applications
Radial Fans for many Industrial applications like Cement, Steel manufacturing, pneumatic conveying. Capacities vary over 1 M m3/h and temperatures over 1000 C, available with special coating materials on blades, against corrosion and wear.

- Centrifugal Blowers and Compressors for Industry and Waste-Water Treatment
Radial Blowers are used for especially Chemical, Carbon Black and Waste-Water Treatment applications. Available in high pressures, temperatures and are also available in stainless steel.

- Waste Treatment, Disposal, and Waste to Energy, Biogas and Composting Systems
Waste incineration plants engineering design and construction, composting plants, waste transfer stations and Biogas plants are the key features as well as Turn-key plants are available in this range

- Industrial Recycling Equipment, shredders, balers and shears
Shredders for metal and different types of products like wood, bottles, plastics, even pp bags. Shears for Steel, Aluminum and all other metal scrap.
Balers are varying from 2 ton/h up to 10 tons/h for different type of material from metal, steel, aluminum and plastics, bottles, etc. All models are also available in mobile versions.

- Waste and Scrap Handling Grabs and ancillaries
Polyp-grabs for metal scrap and also light material varying from 250 lt. up to 15 m3 of capacities. Logs grapples, as well as electro-hydraulic grabs, forks, and hydraulic rotation motors for attachment rotation are all available in this range.
In addition to the above Industrial, we also have products for Civil and Electrical Engineering;

- Underground objects detectors, for buried pipes, cables and manholes.
Buried Electric, telecom Cable and manhole cover detectors, pipeline mappers, pipe insulation fault s and cable sheath fault finding instruments.

- Cable Test Equipment, fault detectors
Cable testing instruments, fault finding up to 20 kms of lengths, accurate and reliable fully PC compatible. Also electrical test equipment with fiber-optical cable fault finding and coupling equipment. Contact resistance measuring mili-ohmmeters and multiple industrial test sets.

- Fiber-optic cable installation systems into sewer lines
Very special design for up-to-date technology installations of Telecommunication cables, fiber-optics to used in urban areas inside the sewage , with no-dig-technique using remotely controlled robots. This method is highly cost effective and environmental friendly.

- Sewerline CCTV Inspection, Cleaning and Rehabilitation Equipment and Services,
Sewerline inspection CCTV cameras and auxiliaries, effective from DIN100 upto DIN2000 mms of pipe diameters. Fully electronically and PC controlled methods with up-to-date technology Panel-Van mobile command office. Also cleaning before inspection is applied and after inspection rehabilitation and repair methods are carried out.

- Pipe water leak detectors, pressure controllers and automation of pipelines
This range covers the simple leak detection listening sticks, Leak detectors, water leak monitoring systems, communication systems, pressure controllers, as well as a fully automated systems with computer control and reporting hour-by-hour. Automation is used for which effectively helps local authorities and municipalities, water distribution networks and small stand-alone sites in controlling the day-night pressure variations and shows the water leak in the pipes when occur so that saves time and money for repair and allocations.
Of course, our experience is not limited to the above but a full range of ancillary equipment and services we may provide to our customers.

With Our Best Wishes,

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